Context: I was born in the 90's and as a result I consumed mostly e-content both for personal development and recreation. Not many physical books, CD's etc.

I was searching the other day some playlists in my youtube account for old songs, interesting videos etc that I loved, only to find out that almost half of these were gone (without even leaving the title as evidence of what it could be there). Then I suddenly realized in shock that in 10 years from now, nothing that I use today to learn, to laugh at, to question myself, to have fun with etc, are guaranteed to be there for me or for my kids.

All of my books are e-books, my pc games are digital, I rely on a music subscription, netflix & youtube for video, google for accessing interesting websites, my photos in a cloud service and the list goes on.

A book will be there for me regardless of what happens to the publisher. But there is no guarantee about my favorite website/streaming/cloud service.

How do we modify the internet and DRM to deal with the future volatility of the businesses behind the content we consume today? What can we do as individuals?