I do 70+ orders with Amazon a year; I have 6 themed wishlists; many items I purchase repeatedly, or items like it; 75% of my purchases should be easily identifiable as belonging to a category + subcategory (Computers - Video Games; Music - Synthesizers; Books - SciFi; Baby Stuff - Male Toddler; etc).

And yet for 3-4 years running I have not bought a single thing on Prime day; going through pages of hundreds of assorted random items results in failure and frustration. If there IS a deal that appeals to me, it's well hidden and I cannot find it.

It feels like in this day and age, a 3rd year ComSci student with Python knowledge and few open source libraries should be able to fill up my cart :P

So why don't I (or any of my friends - they all seem to share the perspective) have more luck with Prime day? Is it a business decision of some sort?

More broadly, for all the incredible privacy-invading technologically-ingenious, morally-dubious tracking and advertising, why don't I get exposed to things I actually want - why does so much effort get put into something with so little seeming business value? What am I as a consumer missing in this whole analytics/advertising ecosystem? :-/