HELLO LUMINARIES OF LIGHT! THANK YOU FOR JOINING ME TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS FOR ASCENSION IN THIS VERY POWERFUL CORRIDOR OF LIGHT! CURRENTLY, WE ARE UNLEVELING + UNIFYING OUR ENERGY + FORM TO OUR HIGHER EXPRESSION. MANY OF YOU HAVE REACHED OUT WITH QUESTIONS REGARDING OUR INDIVIDUAL + COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCES. I HOPE THIS VIDEO HELPS YOU WITH ANY. QUESTIONS YOU MAY BE HAVING. P PLEASE USE YOUR OWN DISCERNMENT TO DETERMINE IF THIS INFORMATION RESONATES WITH YOU, OR NOT. IF IT DOES NOT, THEN PLEASE LEAVE IT AND ONLY ABSORB THAT WHICH ALIGNS WITH YOUR INDIVIDUAL TRUTH! IF YOU HAVE INDIVIDUAL QUESTIONS, PLEASE SEE BELOW INSTRUCTIONS FOR BOOKING A PRIVATE SESSION. CHECK OUT MY VIDEOS ON YOU TUBE FOR MONTHLY LUMA SCOPE ENERGY READINGS : NEXT level horoscopes for the Ascending Collective, which are called LUMA SCOPES. They are based on the 7 rays of creation which exist within each of us. You were born to amplify the characteristics one of the 7 rays to help you reach ascension status. This ray is determined by the day of the week you were born. I post updated energy reports for each ray monthly. Working with, and understanding the attributes of your birth ray will support you on a HIGHER level as we move deeper into the transformative ascension energies. Calculate the day you were born with this link and determine your birth ray: MONDAY: BLUE RAY TUESDAY: PINK RAY WEDNESDAY: EMERALD RAY THURSDAY: GOLDEN RAY FRIDAY: WHITE RAY SATURDAY: VIOLET RAY SUNDAY: YELLOW RAY +++VISIT MY SHOPIFY STORE: My store has high vibrational + energy enhancing products, to assist you on your unique path of transformation. +++BOOK A PRIVATE SESSION WITH ME: + SOUL PATH READING + ENERGY READING + QUANTUM ENERGY SESSION + ABUNDANCE COACHING OR email: SIGN UP LINK FOR THE FREE 21 DAY CONSCIOUSNESS CLEANSE: You may begin this challenge at any time, as it is structured to support you through 21 days of purification for the mind, body + soul. Once you have registered, you will receive a link to the online course providing step by step instructions to initiating + move through this light unleveling program. In addition, you will find links to join the private FB Group + Instagram Page for Luma Guru for love + support. This growing + glowing community of light leaders will encourage you as you make your way through the 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse, and provide you with an invaluable connection to like minded individuals and the energetically awake and aware. It is time for the ascending collective to unite for strength, clarity + total support, as we collectively move into the coming times of rapid transformation. Thank you for sharing, liking and subscribing to my channel - I AM most grateful for your patronage. Big Love - Bigger