This film was intended to act as a fictional warning to the townspeople of Vestige; that mysterious underground experiments would wreck havoc on the town and planet if not stopped. Too bad no one in town took it seriously! Contextual Details: This is a full-length monster movie for Players to uncover in "Bounty of Blood", the 3rd DLC for Borderlands 3. There were 6 film reels hidden around the game. When a reel was found, Players could return to Vestige's movie theater and see that portion of the film. Locating all six would complete the film, the mission, and win the gratitude of the theater proprietor. Development Background: I had so much fun making this but it was a huge challenge. I was the only artist working on this. I had no additional art/animation/vfx support so I could only use whatever assets were currently available. Additionally, I began work on this at the end of March 2020 - right as the COVID lockdown kicked into gear. This entire film was created in near-isolation. Trivia: * The film's main character and the owner of the theater are the same person. The film was made years prior, so astute Players will notice a visual age difference when comparing the characters side by side. * The opening company logo is a spoof of Toho; the studio responsible for the Godzilla films. * This film is comprised of six separate reels. A cigarette burn in the top left corner of the screen indicates when a reel changeover is about to occur. * There are a lot of visual Easter eggs scattered throughout the film to emphasize how low-budget the production was. You might see things like buildings that are obviously miniatures, accidental scene lighting, models hanging from strings, and other fun elements. * The DLC had no time/budget for actual voice work, so I added fake subtitles to scenes that would have needed dialogue. In every other instance, existing character animations where kit-bashed to (hopefully) convey character motivations through gesture and motion. Luckily there was budget for sound effects and music, which really helped to anchor the old-film vibe.